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We raise and sell purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Availability: A few bred does may be available in the winter, and many more kids are usually available in the spring. Please contact us if you are interested.

Our goats are hand-raised and very friendly.

Brush clearing: We use our goats extensively to browse our field edges and fence lines using portable fencing. They happily eat down unwanted vegetation, and even fertilize as they go. We find this rotational grazing system to be a sustainable way to both feed the goats and maintain our field edges without resorting to extra machinery or fossil fuels.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are:

  • a good home-scale milking breed
  • small and very easy to handle
  • good companion animals (for other goats, horses, etc.)
  • good at clearing brush (they happily eat multi-flora rose and poison ivy!)